new worlds

Whether you’re looking to escape to new realities, soar through visually thrilling places, or battle it out with your friends to the finish line, the DRL SIM’s got the most electrifying flying adventures for you. With 24 unique maps and 18 replicas of DRL tracks, travel through legendary locations, like landmark palaces, NFL stadiums and iconic sports arenas while pushing the limits of your drone racing abilities.

with friends

With the Multiplayer mode, you get endless opportunities to race against your friends around the world. Give them the ultimate challenge to fly the legendary DRL Racer4 drone to see who dominates on the DRL SIM leaderboard.

fly like
the pros

The best drone pilots in the world train on the DRL SIM, and even get drafted into DRL through the SIM. Learn the flying basics through the game’s training missions that’ll take you from player-to-pilot in a few hours. (Seriously, after completing the session in the SIM, you’ll be able to fly an FPV drone in the wild.) Fly digital replicas of DRL race courses and DRL drones, just like the pros.